narcissusroad asked: congrats on your new sidebar! looks preeeeeeetty!
LOL THANK YOU BB, IKR? I can’t take credit for it though. The amazing Pash made it for me ♥


narcissusroad asked: YOUR TWITTER & TUMBLR ICONS LOOK SO FABULOUS. I really like the crops you picked. Srsly. puuurrrrrfect! /and your sidebar remains disgusting and greasy btw/

OLGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :’) I was just lucky to find perfect pics that worked on both twitter AND tumblr. And you know you love the sidebar, just admit it ;)

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나는 바로 지금 당신이 필요해요
I need you now.

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CNBlue for CeCi Magazine January 2013 p.4

source : couchkimchi

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Jonghyun for CeCi Magazine January 2013 

source : couchkimchi

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WooGyu’s grease~

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narcissusroad asked: AMAAAAAAANDA YOU'RE PERFECT AND YOUR SIDEBAR IS INSULTING. that's it. that's the message.

OLGAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, MY ONLY SUNSHINE. YOU MAKE ME HAPPY WHEN SKIES ARE GREY. And I mean that literally because it’s raining outside right at this very moment. You are too sweet darling! Best random message ever ♥

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